Sunday, July 1, 2018

McLaren 602 pre and 702 power amplifier

Continuation from McLaren A150B

While at that hifi dealers home on the North Shore* (basically the district across the bridge, on other side of Auckland CBD), he had a set of McLaren 602 pre and 702 stereo amplifier hook up in his living room.

*As the locals say ... North Shore - where the real people live

I REALLY LOVE THE REPRODUCTION from this combination! It sound just right - natural with all the details, just like "being there"!! Alas ... it cost as much as my used Honda Accord hatchback ... sob sob

As far as I could determine, these units were sold in the UK and Australia outside of NZ. It was  reviewed on AudioEnz


  1. Great lookers, I spent many hours listening to the integrated model (no.?). Great silver-bronze anodised style too. Cheers from the South Shore ;)

    1. "South Shore" ...hahaha! Was living in the New Lynn area then