Sunday, October 24, 2010

Technics SB-X700 (aka "Honeycomb speaker")

I recently acquired a pair of SB-X700 speakers in good working condition (with original speaker stands). These are quite rare in the used market. Summary of details at

With cover
Cover off
Bass reflex design. Side panels sound thin when softly tab on (except the back).

Sounds pretty analog. Bass was "flabby" and mid-range lack definition. Plenty of low frequency resonance as well due to thin side panels.

Has "potential" ...

The speaker rests on a metal plate at the top of the stand. The speaker can be easily shifted when on the stand. Hence I decided to try the following. Put a "sticky mat" and eight rubber pencil erasers on each of the stands. The speaker will be place on top of the stand with the mat and erasers. The idea is to create an "iso-layer" which would absorb vibrations from the speaker e.g idea from "earthquake proof-ing" procedures!!!
Next I obtain 2 small water bottles and fill them to just over half volume. You can see them place into the internal chamber of the speaker stand on the prior picture. These will act as "dampeners" - like sand bags inside speaker stands.
Water bottles from inside speaker stand

Once done, firing the amp up verifies the theory - bass was firmer and reproduction became more natural with clearity to match!!!

Actually sounds pretty decent... 


  1. hahaha.. your science theory and knowledge also works for your hobby ;-)

  2. Have since sold the SB-X700 to make room in the hall

  3. Hi. What would you consider a reasonable price for a second hand working set with some minor dents on the box? I have the opportunity to buy on for around 60€ and would like to know if it's worth auditioning it.

    Thank you

  4. Hi. I am looking for a tweeter for the SBX 700 speakers.
    Mine was damaged.

    Dennis Swart

    1. Manual at

      Maybe try modern replacement for it using the specs as a guide.

  5. Looking into getting one of these. Do you know what's the max power rating? I have a Marantz 2330 (130w per channel).

    1. Manual at

      Maybe can try modern replacements for it