Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deltec PDM1 (before PDM 1.2)

This is my extremely rare Deltec PDM1 DAC unit.

When I checked with Martin at , he advises my unit is 1 of 81 ever manufactured by Deltec!!!

All was required was to recap the 4 power filter caps on the motherboard, as before the olde DAC needed atleast an hour to warm up before she sound right. Sounds absolutely devine upon power up.

I did add 5 heatsinks to the power regulators as they do run hot. Not sure why the heatsinks were not installed in the past.

Currently paired with my Leak Delta 30 (original condition) and Denon DVD2900 (modified) as transport.



From top - Original

From top without cover after recap


  1. gosh, 1/81 is supreme rare. must show me the naked of this deltec!!

  2. Hi SK,

    Believe you will love it since you liked the Tubalog.

  3. Hi very interested to see this blog, i have the same unit but it has developed a fault and burnt out one of the smd resistors, could you lift the lid on your deltec PDM1 and give me the value (very small three digit code) of resistor r23 its close to the 20v transformer?