Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sansui C-2102 (***Update#2***)

The The C-2102 is the matching pre-amplifier for the B-2102 power amp. I use the C-2102 as the pre-amp to provide signals to my C-2102 and C-2101 for horizontal bi-amping.

One of the unique features is of the C-2102 is the use of parametric equalisers for tone control. It is known to possess a good phono stage.


I bought the C-2102, B-2102 and B-2101 from the States a few years ago before postage prices sky-rocketed!!!
Original internals
After recapping

Bottom view

Caps used include Panasonic ECA and FC, Wima, silver mica, EPCOS and OSCON.

Update - 24Mar2012

Took the C-2102 out to partner the B-2101. Was initially disappointed by it's performance - sounded reserved and the high's did not flow naturally.

Hence I replaced the OSCON with a Nichicon on the motherboard. Replaced the WIMA 0.022uF at C26 with a Russian Paper-In-Oil (PIO) 0.047uF (back to original value) as it is in a tonal ladder.

Close-up of motherboard area with changes

In addition, removed the previous bypass under the motherboard and place a Philips BC 0.026uF bypass to C26 as the highs required a slight adjustment.

The results in a word - WOW!!!


  1. Hi,
    I recently got a hold of a B-2102 and c-2102 and I would like to do a recap. would you have a detailed list of caps and their values?

  2. Apologies as these were completed a few years before I started the blog. Suggest you download the service manual from hifiengine and start from there.

    Best Wishes!

  3. Thanks,
    Would you know if there is a difference between the c-2101 and the c-2102? The only service manuals I could find are those for the c-2101.

  4. There does seem to be lesser items on the C-2102.

    Suggest you refer to the service manual to compare against the PCB, before you begin.