Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sansui C-2102 (***Update#2***)

The The C-2102 is the matching pre-amplifier for the B-2102 power amp. I use the C-2102 as the pre-amp to provide signals to my C-2102 and C-2101 for horizontal bi-amping.

One of the unique features is of the C-2102 is the use of parametric equalisers for tone control. It is known to possess a good phono stage.


I bought the C-2102, B-2102 and B-2101 from the States a few years ago before postage prices sky-rocketed!!!
Original internals
After recapping

Bottom view

Caps used include Panasonic ECA and FC, Wima, silver mica, EPCOS and OSCON.

Update - 24Mar2012

Took the C-2102 out to partner the B-2101. Was initially disappointed by it's performance - sounded reserved and the high's did not flow naturally.

Hence I replaced the OSCON with a Nichicon on the motherboard. Replaced the WIMA 0.022uF at C26 with a Russian Paper-In-Oil (PIO) 0.047uF (back to original value) as it is in a tonal ladder.

Close-up of motherboard area with changes

In addition, removed the previous bypass under the motherboard and place a Philips BC 0.026uF bypass to C26 as the highs required a slight adjustment.

The results in a word - WOW!!!


  1. Hi,
    I recently got a hold of a B-2102 and c-2102 and I would like to do a recap. would you have a detailed list of caps and their values?

  2. Apologies as these were completed a few years before I started the blog. Suggest you download the service manual from hifiengine and start from there.

    Best Wishes!

  3. Thanks,
    Would you know if there is a difference between the c-2101 and the c-2102? The only service manuals I could find are those for the c-2101.

  4. There does seem to be lesser items on the C-2102.

    Suggest you refer to the service manual to compare against the PCB, before you begin.

  5. Hi Wick. I'm an electrical engineer and I have the hi-fi repair hobby. A my friends has a C-21-02 that don't operating. The proble is tha there isn't signal but when the poer is on there is only the power and tuner light on. on the phones you can hear only electric discharges. I have the Service manual end I have an oscilloscope and a multimeter. Can you suggest me a procedure to fix the problem? best regards Gianfranco

    1. Sorry no. Can only suggest you start check the relays for each of the input