Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Speaker cables I am using

Please note I understand there are many opinions and preferences in this area. I am not implying in any manner or form, if any make or model of speaker cables is better than the other, or, even attempting to rate them. 

I am only advising this is what I am using to connect the various units in my collection of speakers and amps aka this is what works for me

The next question my visitors frequently ask after checking out my various speakers are (pix in Mission 753 link below) ... what speaker cables are you using? once they have heard my setup, and, noted the various well known speakers I have in my listening area.

The following is a close-up of the thin-nish speaker cables I am using.
Closeup of speaker cables from the Sansui AU-7900
You can see them deployed in the pix(s) for the Mission 753  at, Meridian A500  at and Sansui AU-7900 at

Any guesses? If someone gets it right, I will spill the beans and reveal how I acquire them. 

Been using these speaker cables since 2004 for my Celestion SL6s, Quad PRO63, Meridian A500 and Technics SB-X700. I have a large box of well known brands of speaker cables in my storeroom - been there in the storeroom since I started using the above cables. Only took out the QED Silver Anniversary for the Mission 753 recently - can't recall when was the last occassion I used it before this!

Sssshh to my visitors who know the answer ... please don't tell them yet !!!

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