Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sugden P51

Yes I finally located the P51 in the storeroom!!!

The P51 is the power amp which accompanies the C51 pre.

Weighing about 10kg, the unit is able to deliver 50W RMS per channel and had the innovative feature of being able to be converted into a mono-block with the flick of a switch (for the 60's).

The P51 is known to be able to drive extremely demanding loads and many often used them with ESL(s).

In addition, the C51-P51 pair was often the reference set for many reviewers in the late 60's and early 70's.



Right side

Left side
The last time I fired up the C51 with P51, reproduction clearity was startling - when you consider the age of the unit.

Need to locate the special DIN cable which came with it ... one of the joys of having too many units and managing the misc cablings for them!!!


  1. hi
    i consider buying one oft hese nice sets to amp a pair of rogers LS7
    what's your indsight on this?

  2. Sorry no idea as never heard the LS7 before.

    I had previous used the Sudgen with the Celestion SL6S and Merdian A500.

  3. Perfect little amp. I own on and let it restored.
    please look at my photo page.

    You can see it there among other nice stuff.
    And look at the big caps.....did not look good.......

  4. Hi, I've recently inherited a P51 & C51 (in great condition), but I know they have not been used for a while. I have several leads with them, but need to know how to best to connect them to each other, and also to my more 'modern' cd player (NAD5420) & speakers JPW ML310's. I need to test them before putting them up for sale.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  5. Best to contact Sugden and request for a copy of the manual in PDF format.

    Found them to be most helpful