Sunday, December 1, 2013

Exposure XX

In the past I owned a Exposure XX integrated amplifier, as there were good hearsay from enthusiasts.

Do not have the actual picture - so here's one from the internet just to show the unit's likeness.

Web pix of similar Exposure XX unit likeness

As per other true Brit's of it era, there were no speaker selectors or tone controls - the power on thump was to be expected!

Build quality of the unit was solid. So was the bass and lower-midrange.

Unfortunately the HF reproduction was dismal. Even tried to perform bi-amping with the Sugden A48B driving the HF and the Exposure XX driving the LF, since these were their strengths. The combination was NOT a good match as the resultant extreme high and low was good but the mid(s) were well ... PFT (internet slang)

The XX was however quite grunty and capable of punch after punch when driving my Celestion SL6S!

Hence as per the Sudgen A48B, I sold the Exposure XX within a month of acquiring it. Kept the other Brady creation for a much longer period before selling to a enthusist who treasures it.


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